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Ordinary Portland cement Type V

Ordinary Portland cement type 5 is defined as follows:

“It is used as sulfate-resistant Portland cement where high resistance of concrete against sulfate is required.”

MOMTAZAN cement launched the production of OPC type 5 to meet the requirements of certain domestic and international customers. This type has less than %3 C3A according to EN 197-1 and ASTM C150 standards.

Enjoying vast queries of raw material and advanced machinery and equipment, MOMTAZAN is willing to supply cement type 5 based on customers’ orders bearing in mind the necessary quality and precision.

In terms of compressive strength, this type is categorized as CEM I 42.5N according to European standards.


Main Features:


Important Note:

OPC type V is not recommended for use in armored concrete structures in environments prone to chloride chemical attacks.

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