Ordinary Portland cement Type III

Ordinary Portland cement type 3 is defined as follows:

“Ordinary Portland cement with high early compressive strength is suitable for environments in which it is needed.”

MOMTAZAN Cement Company produces this type in limited and ordered-by-customer volumes to expand its portfolio and meet the requirements of our varied clients.

Type 3 cement made in MOMTAZAN has similar chemical specifications to those of type 2 due to lower than %8 C3A and can be classified as moderate sulfate resistance cement with high early resistance.


In terms of compressive strength, this type is categorized as CEM I 42.5R according to European standards.

Type III cement is designed to develop early strength more quickly than a Type I cement.  This is useful for maintaining a rapid pace of construction, since it allows cast-in-place concrete to bear loads sooner and it reduces the time that precast concrete elements must remain in their forms.  These advantages are particularly important in cold weather, which significantly reduces the rate of hydration (and thus strength gain) of all Portland cements.  The downsides of rapid-reacting cements are a shorter period of workability, greater heat of hydration, and a slightly lower ultimate strength.


Main Features:

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